The Early Years 

Powell River, B.C., 30. January l995.

Bomb Squad Headquarters,
River City, Duck Lake, B.C., P0W SAW.

Attention: Chairman, Roy Hewitt, B.T., B.I. res. stnd.

Dear Mr. Chairman,

Stored memories of our resources contain the following
entries in relationship to B.O.M.B. squad activities in the
region of the upper SUNSPOT Coast Forests. We asked our
staff to gold face all DDE’s mentioning BOMBERs’ activities and to give it computer high performance frequency
annotations (CHPFA).

First rumbles, the computer could detect, where activities
in the year l987. A man called Toni? Created some stir in
local forests because of extraordinary single cylinder engine noise.

Records have it that a group of wild men, just released from life long toiling, made an extreme nuisance of themselves in the Southview region. Authorities reported this activity on 28. June l988. Recording agencies also reported characters Hewitt and Godau mumbling, Marathon, Marathon. They appeared badly scratched and confused because of terrain crawling.

Early utterances of B O M B like sounds where heard during a gathering on 28. September l989.It is certain now, a group of active retirees treated the organization called Wednesday Hikers to a circle route. They cleared a small passage through the local forest on 31. October l989. The name Hooper Loop has been recorded. It now appears, serious research was applied to a new walking territory, named Mud Lake “playground” (egad Warris.)Date of the entry is 26. January l990. Wildman Hewitt V.I.P. excited local strong arms with his scheme “Marathon” on 9. February l990. The darn fouls all followed him fearlessly. The wildest note in our electronic space recording field (ESRF) noted that a squirrel crossed Laing Creek on the l3. April l990. The squirrel was apparently chased by a man called Toni to a specific location on 28. March l990. To date a bridge by that name is still holding. More names appear on our journals, such as a Hooper and a Godau leaving their partners in a wet campsite at Appleton Creek to search for a dry path to Nirvana on an, at that time, unnamed pond on 15. April l990. Governments allocated some serious trail work after wild man Hewitt V.I.P. did some studying of the scene on 23. April l990. A crowd of grey bearded youngsters followed his lead on 9. May l990. Stories will have it, the Marathon was thus born to the excitement of local hikers.

We have a note explaining the efforts, by the now called
BOMBERS to link all paths, creating this trail system. The
massive single log bridge over Rieveley’s Creek was build by Hewitt V.I.P. and Godau on 9. March l99l. Some revisions to the complete trail were undertaken on 13. December l991.

A modern swimming platform was built, allowing perspiring
BOMBERs to rid themselves of odors on 28. May l992. News
paper clippings speak of bare bottomed humanity toiling over cedar boards. Their labours were observed by maidens hidden in nearby reeds. By l993 the BOMB squad was well established and the noticeable surveying crew Mizzy-Donnelly spotted another location offering exciting possibilities. The first Suicide Creek bridge was begun on 28. May l993 and on the 9.July l993, one of the greatest power saw operators of all times, did some blood letting over the soon to be spanned creek canyon. All work on the two major crossings were completed by 21.October l993.

One noticed an entry in the chronicles, ‘work party’ on the Sweetwater trail 3. June l993.Government records speak of a great aluminum bridge over the Mud River. We only find an entry mentioning, start abutments on 25. January l994. The log of a helicopter pilot shows, the bridge being lowered into a perfectly set foundation at 13.00 on l0. February l994. Sweat flowed until completion of this project on 3 March l994.The Toconatch job was started on 10. March l994.

The Confederation Lake trail bridges were begun on 30. March l994 and completed a day later. BOMBERs were assisted by a crew of youngsters and all were lifted into the location by a helicopter. The generosity of these hardy men never seems to end. They created camp site furniture on Suicide Creek between the dates 7. April and 21. April l994. It was told, that sirens in the eastern swamps of the region, near great Fiddlehead Ferns, enticed the BOMBERs to come and stay a while. They found the temptresses not to their liking and constructed fine bridges instead under the
supervision of boss Ruben (Rottweiler Dog) on 19. May l994.

After seeing hikers struggling with ropes on the
Confederation Lake trail, BOMBERs decided to build a proper
by-pass and on l4. July l994 the Zig Zag was borne.

The Blackwater trail crossed under the exciting Kelly
Falls. A bridge was constructed, giving walkers a first hand view of this fine natural display. The bridge was concluded on 13. October l994.

End Tumleh Audog


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