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" Darrel_2 "
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Start the Slideshow
Click onto this button to start the Slideshow!
If you want to change the SlideShow-options please scroll down, change the settings you want changed and click onto "CHANGE" at the bottom of this page!
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Top Retention time of each image Bottom
Select the time (seconds) you want to view each image! Minimum time is 2 seconds, maximum time is 300 seconds (5 minutes) for each image.
Top Image to begin with Bottom
You started the Slideshow-options viewing an image. Do you want the SlideShow to start with this current image, or with the first image of the album or do you want to select the number of the starting image manually?
If you insert a number please do not forget to click onto the radiobutton "Select First Image" too, to take the manually selected imagenumber!
  Current Image      ( 45 )    100_2540.jpg 
  First Image      ( 1 )    100_0433.jpg 
  Select First Image        100_2540.jpg 
Top Last Image of Slideshow Bottom
Select the image that will be the last one in the SlideShow.
If you insert a number please do not forget to click onto the radiobutton "Select Last Image" too, to take the manually selected imagenumber!
  Last Image      ( 175 )    100_0267.jpg 
  Select Last Image        100_0267.jpg 
Top Direction of the Slideshow Bottom
Select the direction of the Slideshow. "Forward" means starting with the first image and moving to the last, "Back" means starting with the last image and moving to the first.
   Forward  Back  
Top Run forever? Bottom
Do you want to run the SlideShow just one time and then stop, or do you want the SlideShow to start with the first image after the last again forever? (for example: in a shopwindow,...)
   loop forever  show one time  
Top Preferred Viewsize Bottom
Here you select the size the images in the slideshow will have. This option depends on your monitorsettings. For example: if you have 1024x768 and select the images to have 1024 you will see most of the images with the orientation landscape, but you will see only the upper half of all images with orientation portrait!!
     640      800      1024      1024      1600
Top Refresh Method Bottom
The difference between the two methods is that the META-TAG loads the image complete and than starts the retention time. JavaScript starts the time from the start of the loading process. If your connection is slow or the imagesizes are big and you have JavaScript selected it can happen that the JavaScript starts loading the next image even before the current image is displayed complete!
If JavaScript is disabled in your browser you have to take the META-TAG.
   HTTP-META TAG  JavaScript  
Submit your changes!
If you made any changes to the the values in this page you have to submit the changes by clicking onto the "CHANGE"-Button before you can start!
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